Mid-Winter Giants report from Twin Central

I said no baseball, but I can’t stand it anymore.

Posey- need to get back a goodly portion of his MIA 9 HR 31 RBI from 2012
Belt- can he fulfill his potential at AT&T? 2014 should go a long way in deciding that.
Scutaro- a major question mark, would have liked to see a utility infielder upgrade
Crawford- needs to hit LHers or Arias may platoon
Panda- lean, mean,hittin’ machine? Well, that’s the hope. Posey and Pablo need to be all they can be..
Pence- ink in 25-90.
Pagan – Coming back in September was a good move- we got to see the 2012 version
Morse- Pray for 2011, hope for 2012, or…can you spell P.L.A.T.O.O.N.?
Hector- don’t look now but Susac is in the rear view window and closing fast
Arias- hacker with no pop, but somehow has made himself valuable- versatilty and desire
Abreu- looks like he may hit
Blanco- more valuable than many think.
5th OFer- I have to think it will be Perez
MadBum- ready to make his CY run
Cain- need the second half guy
Timmy- sets out on a 2 year trek for the pot of gold
Hudson- teach your children well- and give us 12-14 wins while you’re at it
Vogie- well, how many lives does he have left? One will do.
Petit- should have the long relief job and ready if needed in the rotation
Kontos and Machi fight for one spot
Affeldt- swing man can pitch anywhere
Lopez- just the best loogie going
Casilla- looked to have his velocity back when he got off the DL
Hembree- needs a big spring or having options may bite him
Romo- I’m done doubting his stamina- good closer.

Notes :
I only see one spot in doubt- one relief spot. Unless Sabes pulls a surprise, he’s already dealt the hand they’ll go with. Everybody is key- but I see Posey, Panda, and Morse as the guys who can make us sink or swim on offense, Timmy and Huddy on the pitching staff. This is a very “iffy” team- need a lot of the “ifs” to go our way.

Will “The Beast” be “The Man”?


8 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Giants report from Twin Central

  1. DrLefty

    One thought I had was that Hudson may be really good for Vogey. They’re close in age. They’ve both dealt with injuries. Hudson’s had a LOT more success in his career. They’re both bulldog competitors. Everyone’s mentioned how he can be good for our other Tim (as an undersized guy who had to re-invent himself mid-career)–but I think maybe he’ll help Vogey, too.

  2. foothillsryan

    Congratulations. The blog post to end all successive blog posts about the Giants roster. I have nothing to add or subtract.

    There are a lot of things that can go right with this group of players especially with a manager and general manager that have demonstrated a magical touch.

    I’m just waiting to see how much more talent the Dodgers purchase and which pitchers the Diamondbacks add to their rotation and bullpen. That will determine the severity of the climb to the top of Mt. Championship.

    1. twinfan1 Post author

      I HATE thinking that the Bums are better than us but I think we need everything to fall our way and they have some bad karma catch up with them.

      1. foothillsryan

        Their payroll is large enough to overcome all sorts of karma. Especially if they land Tanaka. Heckuva rotation they may have and they have the Killer B’s rehabbing and they have couple of good minor league options, Fife the lesser, Lee, apparently the better.

        But you know what they say about Koreans and Japanese? Some historic bad blood which some can never look past. I doubt it, but maybe Tanaka doesn’t want to be part of a rotation with an entrenched Korean pitcher. Heaven forbid racism. And heaven forbid hearsay.

  3. chipower9

    Nice list, Michael. The only question mark I see is Hembree. I think he has to prove he goes north while in Scottsdale..otherwise, I could see him opening the season in Fresneck.

  4. sandy32koufax

    If SF pitching shows again, and I see no reason to doubt it won’t, they’re as competitive for another run as anyone. 1-0 and 2-1 wins are still wins

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